Monday, December 1, 2008

Pear Epiphany Dinner

I didn't feel in the mood for an actual meal tonight, so just picked up truffle pate, Parrano cheese, Comice pear (my first time eating this variety and I love it a lot) and crackers. I wish to become more knowledgeable about cheese, but I knew I wanted a salty cheese to offset the richness of the pate. And the flavors worked nicely! I need to go back to Whole Foods and pick up more pears, I'm pretty sure I've just picked up a new habit.


shavedicesundays said...

What a wonderful idea for dinner! Hmmm maybe I gotta do this sometime b/c frankly I get tired of cooking often.

Marie said...

Yes, it's great as a quick meal solution and makes you feel like a Parisian! Thanks for stopping by!