Tuesday, June 23, 2009


The latest edition of Coffee'N'Cobb with my friend Mike involved neither items, but was still lovely! We met at Clementine, a small cheery restaurant with many a baked good as well as sandwiches, soups, salads and breakfast.

Clementine limeade
Mike's limeade: "weird, but I like it."

Clem chicken sandwich
Mike's chicken sandwich. For some reason, his bread was grilled and mine was not (yes, we ordered the same sandwich).

Clem combo
I got the combo, which included half a sandwich, a cup of soup (sweet corn chowder) and a cookie (peanut butter). Loved the watercress and the tangy remoulade in the sandwich, but the best part was the bread! I enjoy eating bread, but I don't go out of my mind for it, so it's remarkable that it struck a chord with me. The sweet corn chowder was rustic and with a good amount of potatoes.

Clem peanut butter cookie
The peanut butter element was on full blast here. Delish.

Clementine is a bit pricey for weekly visits (my combo was right under $10), but I am definitely going to return in the future as they've got so many delicious things to try. Thanks to Mike for picking Clementine!

1751 Ensley Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90024
(310) 552-1080

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Germantown Commissary

BBQ joints are a dime a dozen in Memphis, which naturally means they cannot be all good. But, I find that BBQ preferences are so subjective that you just have to figure out which establishment makes your heart sing. Now, I haven't done an exhaustive search of the most notable spots in Memphis, but I know there are quite a few who vie for locals' favorites (my sister's number 1, Central BBQ, the Neelys of Food Network fame, Jim Neely's Interstate BBQ (he is Pat Neely's uncle) and on and on).

My go-to supplier of bbq deliciousness has been Germantown Commissary, a small shack located near railroad tracks (and yes, trains will pass by while you're eating and in Memphis, having to wait for a train to pass is a regular occurrence when driving). According to their website, the Commissary used to be a country store (I'm guessing like a general store) for over 90 years before it was purchased in 1981. So, that's a lot of history and the restaurant looks like it was frozen in time, which is one of its many charms.

Germantown Commissary
Kinda love this horse artwork.

Germantown Commissary Full Rack Ribs
A full rack of ribs with charred bits. Very good.

Germantown Commissary Half Rack Ribs
Charles ordered the half rack ribs plate and really loved the baked beans.

Germantown Commissary Pulled Pork
My pulled pork plate. Pork was tender, fantastic and got a good dose of BBQ sauce (regular and hot, which are kept on the table). Their deviled eggs and coleslaw were spot-on.

The pork is life-affirming, the servers are warm and friendly, and the sweet tea comes in plastic cups with the saying "BBQ So Good Yull Slap Yo Mama." So, yeah, I love this place. And that's it for the Memphis posts! Back to your regular LA programming.

Germantown Commissary
2290 Germantown Rd S
Germantown, TN 38138
(901) 754-5540

Monday, June 15, 2009

Blue Plate Cafe

Blue Plate Cafe is one of my family's go-to spots for breakfast and lunch. The restaurant is located inside a converted house and I adore its down-home atmosphere with sunny yellow decor and vintage blue plates on the walls. I usually go for fried chicken with a waffle, but Charles and I actually made it here early enough that breakfast was the only option, which was fine by me.

Blue Plate sweet tea
Wondrous sweet tea with lemon.

Blue Plate strawberry waffle and eggs
Charles had scrambled eggs and a strawberry waffle. Fresh berries are so delightful, I don't know why I ever go the IHOP Rooty Fruity route. Charles had no complaints, so I guess it was solid (maybe I should ask him more about what he thinks about his food).

Blue Plate chicken fried steak
I got chicken fried steak with eggs and grits (the breading was crisp and well-seasoned, loved it). Charles had never eaten grits before, so though I generally do not order them, I had to give him the full Southern breakfast experience! After I doctored them up with butter and a good dose of salt, we were in biz with the grits.

If you're looking for a bonafide Southern experience for breakfast, Blue Plate Cafe is where it's at. They've also got a bunch of options for meat and two or three (sides) for lunch and dinner; you can't go wrong no matter the time of day. Long live Blue Plate!

Blue Plate Cafe
5469 Poplar Ave
Memphis, TN 38119
(901) 761-9696

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Memphis Pizza Cafe

I'm from a family that loves to eat. Many of my fondest memories are associated with really good meals (some homemade, some at restaurants), so it should come as no surprise that during our visit, we were perpetually dealing with food hangovers (we also drank but not as much as we ate!). I didn't snap photos of all the food we ate while Charles and I were in Memphis because it was a vacation and I was in maximum relaxation mode (plus my camera's memory could not hang with the amount of food we ate).

First up is Memphis Pizza Cafe, which holds a dear place in my heart. My sister and I usually eat here while I'm home; this was the first time I ate at the Overton Square location (there are a handful of locations scattered throughout the city).

MPC Greek salad
Greek salad. Love the tangy dressing and pepperoni + pepperoncini = love.

MPC Cajun chicken/BBQ chicken pizza
Half Cajun chicken, half BBQ chicken. I am not a pizza purist and I don't care. This stuff was damn good and made me happy.

Notable: Charles had his first sweet tea at this meal! I really liked their version, although our first glasses were pretty sugary (our refills were less wickedly sweet).

Just writing this post makes me want to book it back to Memphis immediately. More to come!

Memphis Pizza Cafe

2087 Madison Avenue
Memphis, TN 38104