Friday, November 28, 2008

A Memphis Thanksgivin' - Part Four

This post is the last installment of my Thanksgiving trip, it's been quite a extravaganza of food per usual. I also drank a lot of wine and apple cider, very festive! Here is a round-up of more food that graced our table this week:

Korean seasoned crab

Galbi (Korean short ribs)

Steamed lobster

Braised short ribs

Seafood pancake

I relished my time at home and look forward to the next round at Christmas!


jamon y queso said...

i almost forgot how much food we had in the house. now i am lazy and cannot get myself to do anything!

Leslie said...

This all looks SO good.

Marie said...

Jamon: Pretty sure we were both in food coma for all the time we were home.

Leslie: I bet Costa Rica looked good, too! :)