Saturday, October 4, 2008

Recent Eats

Last Tuesday was Rosh Hashanah, which I welcomed with open arms as I didn't have to work. I spent the day going to breakfast with Charles at Basix (where I saw a man have a glass of white wine at 11:30am, I love West Hollywood!), watching Burn After Reading alone (I wish John Malkovich made a bazillion movies a year, that'd make me really happy) and eating ddukbokghi at Mannaria located in the Koreatown Galleria. The photo is cropped due to a freaky looking hard-boiled egg that was not peeled lovingly:

This Korean dish consists of spicy rice cakes with cabbage, fishcake (if you've never had this, I think it's made in a similar fashion to the cheap-fish-pressed-into-fake-crab in California rolls) and black sesame seeds.I don't know the science of this, but whereas the American rice cake is the crunchy/puffy snack of the 90s, the Korean version is chewy and cookable.

After a very draining week, Charles and I unwound by eating at Loteria Grill at the Farmers Market. I had three chicken tinga tacos:

The chicken was very tasty, but that plate was over $9. Right. We were still hungry afterwards, so we headed over to Johnny Rockets afterwards for cheese fries and a shared chocolate milkshake.

Charles: Does this make you feel like you're in Back to the Future?

Me: Yeah, but I always thought the 50s would have sucked for me because I would have been an outcast. (For the record: I think this because I'm Asian, not because I would have been a Nietzsche reciting greaser, although wouldn't that be an interesting persona?)

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