Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Garlic Shrimp

Oh boy, it's been quite a week so far. I am, at least, getting closer to normal health with each day. As I over-ate at lunch with two slices of pizza and an order of potstickers (no breakfast is really never a good idea), I didn't find myself terribly hungry after work and was able to run to Target and Whole Foods without going out of my mind (which is what happens when I'm hungry, I'm not hypoglycemic, but pretty close in terms of mood). I picked up some shrimp and bagged salad, which turned into garlic shrimp and ... bagged salad. Shrimp cooks up so quickly, it really is a time-saver and perfect for weeknight meals. Try it sometime, although I have to say, keep your shrimp shells in a separate bag and take it out to the trash. You do not want to wake up to shrimpy trash in the morning. Trust me.


heiresschild said...

this looks delish, although i'd have some beets and carrots and cucumbers in my salad greens.

Marie said...

Hi, Heiresschild! I love beets, but have never prepared them at home. I know kitchen gloves will easily take care of the beet juice "dye" issue, but still I am hesitant about taking on beets. How do you cook your beets or do you keep them raw for salads?

Anonymous said...

try golden beets! They don't have so much stain. If you get baby beets, you don't have to peel them at all!

When I cook beets, I usually cut off the root and the greens (if they are fresh looking, you can cook them like spinach or chard, after you cut off the thick veins).
Then wash and steam them—don't know how long, just until they are soft enough for a knife to poke easily. Then peel off the skin. The steamed beets will keep a while in the fridge.
You can re-heat in a fry pan with butter or olive oil, serve with lemon juice, pepper, and sour cream.
Or cut the beets into chunks and toss with olive oil and herbs to roast.
Or just slice the cold peeled beets and add to a salad.
The juice color usually washes off your hands with just soap and water.

Marie said...

Tess, golden beets do seem to be the answer! I need to get over myself and just make some beets-- I particularly enjoy them in salads. Thanks for all the tasty suggestions!