Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pork with Apricots

Underneath the mess of apricots are some boneless pork chops. I like apples with pork, but wanted to try something different and unusual. Peaches were quite tempting, but I felt motr drawn to the orange-golden hue of the apricots. Well, the pork turned out fairly juicy and well-seasoned (salt, pepper and oregano), but the apricots were a bit too subtle and not very sweet (even with a drizzle of honey).

The watercress and sugar plum tomato salad, however, was a wise choice. Dressed with (a little too much) lemon and extra virgin olive oil, it was slightly tangy and spicy (this bunch of watercress had a real kick to it). I haven't abandoned apricots, but I may have better luck if I get them at a farmers' market and leave them off of pork.


Passionate Eater said...

What interesting combinations! I wonder if you added a bit of apricot preserves to the apricots, whether it would enhance the taste. Too bad about the lack of sweetness though. Maybe the apricots were not in season, but regardless, it sounds like a fabu idea.

Marie said...

Hi, Passionate Eater! I'm glad you're up and blogging again! :)

I wish I did have some preserves or jam to throw in! I need to have more delectables around the house to improvise with. Plus, it's high time I moved beyond Welch's Grape Jelly.