Saturday, August 2, 2008

My food mania is affecting loved ones


Charles: Aren't you going to take a picture?
Me: No. Why... should I?
Charles: I don't know, I thought you might want to blog about eggs.
Me: Oh. Okay, you're right. Let me grab my camera.

Well, I'm not really blogging specifically about eggs, but just wanted to put up a picture of today's simple breakfast. I am proud of this at-home meal because we opted to forgo the bagel shop, which is a weekend habit of ours. Charles's plate had some fresh apricots (from the same batch from my previous post), but they turned out to be unimpressive.


Mary P. from said...

those eggs look delightfully fluffy!

Marie said...

Why, thank you! I was pleased I was able to use up some cheese. Finishing cheese before it needs to be thrown out is a strangely difficult task for me. And I love cheese!