Saturday, July 26, 2008

Burger and Corn

After several days of eating restaurant food, I wanted to cook something homemade and simple. Enter the burger. For the patties, I threw in minced onion, Worcestershire sauce and Mrs. Dash seasoning. Even though it's easy to make burgers, I don't make them often because getting raw ground beef out from under my fingernails isn't something I like to do on the regular (and I keep my nails short!). But, these burgers were much better than the last couple times I've had them eating out, so maybe I will incorporate them into my rotation. And that pat of butter looks much bigger photographed.

Pairs well with: Dazed and Confused
I can't think of any other movie that stirs up so much nostalgia for teenage summers (it takes place in the '70s, but high school never changes, does it?). A burger and Wiley Wiggins will put a huge smile on your face. Guaranteed.


Eugene said...

please invite me over for food.

Marie said...

eugene: as if you would journey down to LA.