Monday, March 30, 2009

Tere's Mexican Grill

Tere's is a place I always think about going, but rarely do. Maybe it's the fact that the parking can be problematic (it's in a small shopping center) or that it closes at 9pm. But, I should stop by more on the weekend because I feel better about giving them my business than Chipotle.

Huevos rancheros with spicy green salsa. Simple, straight forward and a reminder that I need to accept that tomatillos don't do it for me. I like them fine, just not madly in love with 'em.

Handmade flour tortillas! Very good in a gloriously chewy way.

I've eaten here a couple times before: one time was the chorizo empanadas (good, but immense if I recall correctly) and the other was probably a burrito or enchiladas. I've read online that the guacamole is supposed to be good, so need to try it next time. And after trying their tortillas, I'm betting their tacos are splendid.

Note: their windows are very dark, so it may appear to be a place of dubious repute. But, not to worry: once you step in, it's small, but brightly lit with the American and Mexican flags tacked onto the ceiling and other jolly decor!

Tere's Mexican Grill
5870 Melrose Ave # 101
Los Angeles, CA 90038
(323) 468-9345
Closed Sundays


tannaz said...

aw, i love tere's! and also never go there as much as i mean to. the chicken burrito is delish though!

Marie said...

Tannaz: Yes, I think a burrito will need to be in order next time (will keep the chicken's goodness in mind). I really love how many menu items they've got!

P.S. I stopped by your pals' Golden State a few weeks ago and enjoyed some delicious beer! Need to go back for a burger or hot dog for sure.