Monday, March 9, 2009

Ribeye Steak with Spinach

I love a good ribeye; it's my favorite cut of meat because of the marbling (I'm one of the fat > lean believers when it comes to flavor). Cooking steaks at home, though, sometimes feel like a production to me. First, I have to put the meat out to come up to room temperature so it's not cold going into the pan (the meat can get tough if it goes straight from the fridge to a hot pan). Then, after I cook the meat, it has to rest for 10 minutes before eating, so the juices can re-distribute and not get dry after the first bite.

NOTE: I am not a patient person when it comes to cooking, so I get antsy during this whole ritual. Still, steakhouses are not a luxury I can afford at the moment (come to think of it, I have not been to a good steakhouse since moving to LA, how weird). So, for now, I will continue getting my red meat fixes at home like the above dinner, which I ate with wilted spinach with garlic (I feel so much better about myself when I eat something green with my meals). I also made a successful red wine/mustard/chicken stock gravy to drizzle over the steak. Not too shabby! I feel such satisfaction when pan sauces come together, don't you?


Foodycat said...

Yum! Rib eye is my favourite cut of steak.

Marie said...

Hi Foodycat! I can't remember when ribeye became my standard, but it's been that way for as long as I can remember. Although, recently I've come to appreciate the super beefy flavor of skirt steak.