Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Intelligentsia Coffee

Charles gave me the Eat: Los Angeles book as one of my birthday presents, which is a pretty comprehensive list of the city's eateries and drinkeries. Last Saturday, I was flipping through the coffee/tea/juices section and Intelligentsia caught my eye. I first heard about this hip Silverlake coffee shop over a year ago on Oishii Eats and was intrigued, but then I kinda forgot about it. Intelligentsia now boasts Western Regional Barista champion Nick Griffith amongst its ranks and looks like it's doing well (the shop was hoppin' when I stopped by).

I loved my latte. It was very pretty, but more importantly, it tasted so smooth. I had to drink it pretty fast because I was parked at a meter several blocks away with only 30 minutes on the clock. But, thankfully, it wasn't scalding hot and was so enjoyable to drink (if I were a cat, I would have been purring). I also had an oatmeal cranberry cookie, which was chewy and made for a good morning snack.

I dug the bright blue decor and the great tasting espresso, which really puts Starbucks to shame (of course, I expected it to be better than the monster chain, but it made me sad because I'm forced to give SB my business almost daily due to location/circumstances). Next time, I'm going to try a cup of their coffee; the names sounded mystical, but promising! If I could come to Intelligentsia every morning, I would be, at least, 30% happier in life.

Intelligentsia Coffee
3922 W. Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA
(323) 663-6173


White on Rice Couple said...

There is nothing like a perfectly made latte or cappuccino for breakfast. I love the way Intelligentsia roasts their coffee as well. If you hit them up in the afternoon, Pazzo Gelato is just a half block away. It's another LA gem!

Marie said...

Hello White on Rice!! I really want to try their coffee, maybe I will kill two birds with one stone and go for a Intelligentsia/Silverlake farmers market run in the near future. And yes, I noticed Pazzo Gelato down the street, I need to try them!