Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Spaghetti with Greens

Last weekend, I had two lovely friends in town, so I was too busy flitting about town to make home-cooked meals. But, now that life has settled back into its usual groove, I was able to make some wonderful greens last night. Then, for today's dinner, I tossed some spaghetti with them, grated pecorino cheese on top and called it a day.

I adore greens (kale and collard are my favorites) and even if I wasn't from the South, I believe our love is so meant to be that we would have found each other some way somehow. And... ending crazy talk. But, seriously, try making them at home; I made mine by heating olive oil, throwing in chopped garlic, and adding in a mix of kale, chard, and mustard greens. Once the greens wilted down, I poured in some chicken broth and cooked them for 20 minutes - 25 minutes more.

Although greens are supposed to be high in nutritional value, I admit I don't know how much is left after you cook the hell out of them. But, they're one of those rare comforting non-fried foods that make me very happy and are fabulous with pasta (spaghetti in this case as I haven't had it much lately and had a package in my pantry).

I am submitting my dish to Presto Pasta Nights, the brainchild of Ruth at Once Upon A Feast. This week's host is Erin over at The Skinny Gourmet. Looking forward to the lineup as always!


Michelle said...


Ruth Daniels said...

Being from the north ;-) - first MOntreal, then Toronto and now Halifax, the greens I am most familiar with is spinach. That said, I'm a new convert to chard and kale and am always looking for a new wonderful recipe.

Thanks for sharing this one with Presto Pasta Nights.

Marie said...

Michelle: Thanks for stopping by!

Ruth: Yes, spinach is also a good one! Being Korean, I grew up having spinach in soups or marinated cold with garlic as banchan. But, I also love creamed spinach and spinach dip; I'd like to try a simple saute with oil and garlic, I've seen others prepare it that way, which seems like an easy way to get some greens into meals at home.

Anonymous said...

Mmmm...I love this kind of pasta with some Italian sausage too!

Marie said...

Su-Lin: Italian sausage improves most anything, doesn't it? :) I think I've seen recipes for stuffed mushrooms using Italian sausage, which would be intriguing.