Saturday, August 16, 2008

Bagel Sandwich

I usually have to struggle to finish bagel sandwiches for their sheer density, but today was a breeze as I was starving after a jaunt out to the farmers' market again. My favorite bagel shop is The Bagel Broker, which is where I picked up a ham sandwich to go. It's a popular spot on the weekends and with a modest sized parking lot, I had to circle around a couple times before finding a spot on the street.This little shop has held my hand through a housing search, unemployment and lovely Saturdays alone when my only concern was finishing a book.

Their sandwiches come with potato salad, a pickle and (strangely) unpitted olives. Generally, I'll just get a toasted bagel (everything or onion) with chive cream cheese, but I needed something to carry me through an afternoon movie. I've made bagel sandwiches at home before and yes, it's cheaper than forking over $7. But, there are times when you really don't want to go through the very small trouble of cutting up vegetables and toasting your own bagel. And, I never use up all the cream cheese when I buy it for the house. I discovered The Bagel Broker through a film school professor who taught me some things about screenplays, but I've got to believe the biggest gift of all was providing a local's invaluable tip of where to find a decent bagel.

Pairs well with Moonstruck:
New York City in movies usually makes me yearn for bagels, pretzels, and corned beef sandwiches. If you do not have the same reaction, you will probably think of baked goods at least once while watching Nicolas Cage (my 2nd Cage recommendation! I am not the president of his fan club, I swear) and Cher carry on tempestuously as he plays a surly baker with one good hand (especially during their first meeting where he is dealing with a scary oven). Good thing you will have been smart enough to have a bagel sandwich handy before popping in this movie. You may find yourself also plagued by visions of red sauce pasta and strong martinis, so that route might be a sexier alternative to a bagel sandwich.

The Bagel Broker
7825 Beverly Blvd # 5
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 931-1258

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