Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Japan - Part 2

Let's continue with the delectables from Japan! The ramen below was from a shop that had a vending ticket machine outside where you pay before entering and handing them your ticket. Interesting note: I only had ramen once while in Japan, but eat it quite often in daily life. Additional note: I am starting this post talking about vending machines again, although of a different variety.

japan ramen

Yakitori had to happen and what you see here is grilled cheese mochi.

japan grilled cheese mochi

A bit rich, but as I look at this picture, I want to have it again. And again. We had a bunch of other stuff, but I was very drawn to the mochi (it IS one of the best food items ever and I hadn't encountered such a skewer before).

Of course, more desserts to share! Here is a wafer cookie holding red beans, green tea ice cream and... you got it, mochi!! Not entirely sure if these qualify as mochi or if I should just call them sweet, chewy rice cake things, but either way, this dessert was totally wonderful.

japan red bean green tea ice cream

By the way, the red beans are remarkably good in Japan. Beans are beautiful in sweet and savory forms, end of story.

And lastly, doesn't everyone love a roll cake? Especially as pretty as this one?

japan roll cake

That's all for Japan! Parting thoughts: when traveling and in life, not every little delicious thing is photogenic. But, getting a good photo wasn't difficult in Japan because so many of the dishes were presented beautifully.

For a few more food photos from the trip, please check my Instagram!


K and S said...

yummy adventure :)

Marie said...

Yes indeed! Not surprisingly, I really loved the rice over there. So good!