Saturday, June 7, 2014

Japan - Part 1

Hello! Exciting travel news: I got to visit Japan!!! We stayed in the Kansai region, which is home to cities like Osaka, Kyoto and Nara. Unsurprisingly, walking around Japan felt like being in another world... one with so many vending machines! Really, I could not get over it. It must be so convenient, although I imagine a couple hundred yen here and there on your commute could add up quickly. It was a really major trip and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the sights, many of which were straight from magazines, the movies and the Japan of my mind. I basked in it all and will always treasure those moments.

Here's the first installment of food photos:

japan soba & tempura
Cold soba, one of my all-time favorites, with tempura. We had a lot of meals set in front us in trays with little dishes; it was pretty delightful. Note the pink stems on the sprouts!

japan salmon roe
Such beauties at the fish market. Another all-time favorite: salmon roe!

japan fish market
More fish market goodies. Practically anything your sushi-lovin' heart desires.

japan bakery
And the fine, beautiful desserts! Perfectly balanced flavors and so light and lovely without being too sweet. I didn't get a picture, but I also LOVED the "softcream" ice cream cones there. Seriously irresistible, I'm still dreaming about them.

Stay tuned for Part 2! More food to come.


K and S said...

another yummy adventure :)

Marie said...

Thanks, Kat! :)