Saturday, July 2, 2011

Dean Sin World

I work at a snail's pace when it comes to trying new-to-me restaurants in the San Gabriel Valley of Deliciousness. Let's not get into all the reasons, but instead rejoice in the fact that I recently stopped in at Dean Sin World for the very first time!

The ladies who work there were very friendly and despite the fact that I don't speak Chinese, I made it through the meal without too much trouble.

The best thing I ate here: leek (or as the menu delightfully notes, "leak") pork dumplings ($4.25).

deansinworld pork dumplings
When the plate arrived at the table, I was a little bummed because I had meant to order something more potsticker-like (I apologize to my fellow bloggers who have written about Dean Sin World and know the exact names of the must order stuff, but I wasn't able to research beforehand that day). Then, I bit into one and it was a done deal. Their dumplings are juicy, full of flavor and disappear at an astounding rate. I polished off the plate easily.

deansinworld smoked fish
Smoked fish ($5.50): cold with a lot of bones. I don't mind eating fish this way (Koreans prepare most of their fish on the bone, so it's what I grew up eating), but these pieces required a good amount of work! Just wasn't what I was expecting.

deansinworld pancake
Pancake with green onion ($2.75): I have a thing for savory "pancakes," as they are called on English menus at Asian restaurants. This dish was fine, but lacked a bit in flavor for me.

Dean Sin World is a teeny tiny shop that holds the key to dumpling happiness. On my next visit, though, I will go prepared with a list of their best dishes. Or I could just see how many leek pork dumplings I can consume.

Dean Sin World
306 N Garfield Ave, #2
Monterey Park, CA 91754
Ph:(626) 571-063


weezermonkey said...

I'll go with you! My Mandarin is passable enough for restaurant use. LOL.

K and S said...

I cannot handle fish with lots of bones, you are brave! I say go for the "how many dumplings you can eat" route :)

the actor's diet said...

SO MANY places in SGV for me to try. and yet i always go to the same ones!

KirkK said...

LOL Marie - You need to try the Shenjian Bao, they are pretty good. What you were looknig for was Guotie - potstickers! I don't speak hardly any Mandarin, but am able to order there.

kish said...

pancakes with green's been so long since i've had those... mmmmm

Marie said...

Weezermonkey: Yes, let's do it! I need a guide! Your passable Mandarin will be a lifeline.

Kat: Ha, thanks! Next time, I am definitely going to eat even more dumplings. It is only right.

Lynn: Thanks for stopping by! There are so many restaurants, new and old. A little overwhelming, but better than not having enough options!

Kirk: Shenjian Bao and Guotie. Got it! Thank you!

Kish: There are lots of places I'm sure to get excellent pancakes in SGV. I just don't know them!

Darin said...

Love DSW...always try to get some frozen ones to go when I visit!

Marie said...

Darin: I bet even their frozen ones are awesome!

Jin said...

thanks for the comment on my laduree post! i heart dean sin world!!!

Marie said...

Jin: Thanks for stopping by! I think everyone (but me) has been frequenting Dean Sin World for a long time!