Monday, May 16, 2011

Wildwood Ovens & BBQ’s

I was recently invited to a free hosted event at Wildwood Ovens & BBQ’s, a laid back spot in Eagle Rock where you can do a lot of things: buy a wood fired oven or Brazilian barbeque grill, take a cooking class or throw a party for you and yours to enjoy pizza or churrasco (grilled meat). We got to sample more than a few items from the owner, Michael Gerard, and his team.

roast pork
Roast pork. There was some beautiful fat, which is the best way to enjoy pork in my opinion.

Asparagus is magical when prepared properly. I could have eaten the whole plate.

mushroom pizza
Mushroom pizza straight from the (heat) source. Life would be better if every time I reached for frozen pizza, a pie from their wood fired oven would appear instead.

I can easily imagine spending a summer afternoon on the their patio with friends, consuming a lot of pizza dough, grilled meat and cold beverages. I really dug the very Californian vibe at Wildwood and think it'd be a great spot for a party, especially for those who want good grub.

Wildwood Ovens & BBQ's
5020 Eagle Rock Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90041


K and S said...

sounds awesome!

weezermonkey said...

What a fun time! You are so fast!

Marie said...

Kat: I enjoyed what we had! It was a lovely evening.

Weezermonkey: Ha, I try. :)

bagnatic said...

:( i had to miss this one. looks yummy.

kish said...

roast pork looks aaaaaawesome!

Marie said...

Bagnatic: Aw, would've been nice to see you!

Kish: The roast pork was great!

Mary P. said...

I think it is best if I avoid reading your blog because it always makes me hungry and saddened that my fridge contains nothing of equal goodness. :)

Marie said...

Mary: Aw, don't feel that way! You are better about making stuff at home than I am (i.e. horchata!!). :)