Sunday, May 9, 2010


Sushi is a constant craving, but it is only an occasional indulgence for me because of the price point. Luckily, The Roaming Belly gave me the heads up on Komasa in Little Tokyo, a place where the quality is good, but the sticker shock is minimal. And she was also nice enough to join me for dinner! Here's what we ate:

Komasa fried softshell crab
Fried softshell crab: a lip-smackingly good way to start our meal.

Komasa albacore salad
Albacore salad: eat your veggies even when at sushi and I love salads at Japanese restaurants. I especially enjoyed the carrots, which were lightly pickled.

Komasa sushi
Tuna, uni and salmon roe: we had another round of sushi as well, but I failed to take a picture before we dug in (a common problem of mine). The spicy tuna roll here is good stuff and with big chunks of tuna; I can't imagine going to Komasa now without ordering one (or two, in our case). Everything I tried was fresh and so reasonably priced.

Our total bill (with tax and tip) came to $60! The only slight downside is that the restaurant is tiny, so you will most likely have to wait, but you are free to roam about because they take your cellphone number down and call when your table's ready. We went on a weeknight, so it only took about 15 minutes to get the call. Plan accordingly; if you're really hungry, going on a Saturday night is not a good idea.

I am Komasa's newest convert. A huge thank you to The Roaming Belly for showing me the light!

351 East 2nd St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 680-1792
*Parking validated at Japanese Village Plaza structure, entrance on Central Ave (you pay upfront and get your money back with 2 hr validation)


weezermonkey said...

Your pics are looking particularly good in this post!

I want that soft shell crab. I always want the soft shell crab wherever I go.

bagnatic said...

i'm glad you liked! it is such a nice, comfortable sushi spot.

Daily Gluttony said...

LOVE Komasa!!! So fresh & so decently priced. The hubby & I used to go there often before the baby. We're too scared to take a toddler in there now. :P

Marie said...

Weezermonkey: Aw, thank you! I have slowly been testing the waters of enhancing colors to make them "pop" a bit more. And I am the same way, although I guess ordering soft shell crab after dessert did give me slight pause. :P

Bagnatic: You rock. Thanks again for making my Komasa love connection happen!

Daily Gluttony: Ha, it is a bit cramped in there. Your toddler has sophisticated tastes, though! Handmade pastas and what not. :)

foodhoe said...

everything looks delicious, and I love the prices. haven't been to Little Tokyo in years, but thinking about a visit soon!

Marie said...

Foodhoe: I don't go down to Little Tokyo nearly enough and I don't really have an excuse. And, of course, when I'm there, I always vow to come back more often! Although with Komasa on my radar now, I will probably end up going much more often. :)