Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cook's Tortas

I first read about Cook's Tortas on Rants and Craves and was waiting for the right time to make the drive to Monterey Park. Enter President's Day and a wide open schedule for lunch!

cookstortas 002
I like how they scrawl the name of your sandwich on plain white paper.

Charles ordered the Azteca ($6.98, all sandwiches come with a side): chicken, chipotle cream, onions and corn (I think. The website menu does not have this sandwich listed, darn). Please note my new favorite craving: apples and cream. I had never heard of this concoction, but Charles was quite familiar with it. It has become a running joke that Charles has transcended me as a foodie; it is now becoming the truth (I think I am delighted?).

cookstortas 001

My Milanesa sandwich ($6.98): breaded steak, jalapeno and tomato. I saved half for dinner and it was even better despite having been in the fridge! Maybe I was more famished the second time around. The potato salad was also pleasing, powered by dill and spared a mushy, overcooked starch fate.

I would say I wish Cook's Tortas was closer to me, but in reality, the prices would be higher and the lines would possibly be dishearteningly long. So, for now, I will just wait for my yearning for apples and cream to reach such a point that I have no choice but to make the very short "roadtrip" east.

Cook's Tortas
1944 South Atlantic Blvd
Monterey Park, CA 91754


Mary said...

Wonderful photos and a great restaurant review, Marie. Have a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

weezermonkey said...

Funny you posted this today! I was just going through all of my Cook's photos last night. I wanted to do a huge comprehensive review after having gotten through most of the chalkboard, but new sandwiches keep being created!

Gastronomer said...

Thanks for the reminder! I still need to hit up this place. I also need to check out Cemmitas -- the cousin of the torta ;-)

pleasurepalate said...

Cook's Tortas is great. I also found about it from Rants and Craves and I went there with my dining group last year and tried 8 sandwiches in one night. Crazy, but crazy good. :) My favorites were the Pambaso, the Bacalao and the Cochinita Torta.

Wandering Chopsticks said...

I drive past this place all the time and have yet to try it!

bagnatic said...

i see they've replaced the crazy liquid yogurt covered stawberries with crazy liquid yogurt covered fruit.

Marie said...

Mary: Thank you! So lovely of you to stop by!

Weezermonkey: Oooh, I love menus that keep on evolving! I gotta try a pork one next time.

Gastronomer: Man, the Mexican sandwich family is a beautiful thing. :)

Pleasure Palate: 8 sandwiches, wow! The Bacalao caught my eye, got to try sometime.

Wandering Chopsticks: $7 for a sizeable sandwich! Pull over sometime! :P

Bagnatic: Used to be strawberries? Hmm, I would probably eat that up, too. I am wild about the crazy yogurt sauce.

Daily Gluttony said...

Mmmm, Cook's Tortas!!! Man, you've got me craving one now! My favorites are the Mocaljete and the Pambazo.

Never tried the apples & cream--thanks for the rec, will try next time! :)

Marie said...

Daily Gluttony: Oh man, I will need to do a repeat visit soon because of all these great sandwich recs people are giving me! I just looked both of yours up and oh my oh my. Chorizo is particularly enticing!