Saturday, October 3, 2009

Seven Stars Bakery

And for the last of my Rhode Island posts, we end on a sweet note. We stopped in at Seven Stars Bakery for a light breakfast on our last day in Providence (sob!).

providence 088
My sister got a gingerbread muffin: very gingery in a delightful way. Would be wonderful in the autumn with a mug of cider.

providence 086
Dad's apple (I think) danish: so rustic and lovely. I can't remember if I snuck a bite, but it looked like it was flaky and delicious.

providence 085
My raisin roll: I know raisins can be polarizing, but I love 'em. Now, it's been a few weeks so can't recall for sure, but I'm assuming I didn't find this overly sweet because I would've had trouble finishing it otherwise.

I was so tempted by all their baked good offerings, which is unusual since I am not one of those people who go crazy without regular doses of bread/pastry. I imagine if I lived in the neighborhood, I would make my way through their different breads. I really adored Providence, so perhaps one day?

Seven Stars Bakery

820 Hope St
Providence, RI 02906
(401) 521-2200


weezermonkey said...

That danish is calling my name.

yutjangsah said...

i'm with weezermonkey. it's also calling my name and my social security number and my last known address. it knows me this danish!

Marie said...

Weezermonkey and Yutjangsah: Aren't bad danishes so depressing? Like the supermarket kind. Eeesh.

pleasurepalate said...

You got me at gingerbread muffin. I'd gobble that in a second. :)

Marie said...

PleasurePalate: Wouldn't gingerbread muffins be heavenly around the holidays? Even in our Southern Californian version of "holiday weather?" :)