Saturday, October 17, 2009

La Creperie Cafe

Recently I was hit with a crepe craving, which is unusual since I eat them maybe once a year if that. So, imagine how happy I was when my friend Carrie suggested La Creperie Cafe for lunch! She had eaten here before, but it was my first time not only at the restaurant but in the cute Belmont Shore area where shops and restaurants line several blocks.

lacreperiecafe 001
We were crepe crazed and got an appetizer of crepes to kick off the meal. Crepe Vendome: you can't go wrong with chicken, brie, apples and caramelized onions. Well, you can, but luckily, this dish was tasty. We were perhaps over-confident in our abilities because that not-so-light starter was followed up with extremely-not-light entrees.

lacreperiecafe 004
Carrie ordered the Crepe Carbonara: they sure don't skimp here! That tower of bacon, cheese and cream sauce is probably life-affirming but I didn't try any because I was too busy trying to make my way through my Crepe Monsieur.

lacreperiecafe 005
Yowza. The Crepe Monsieur was stuffed with ham and had Emmenthal cheese melted on top. Good, but immense.

I was delighted to have crepes, but I think it's safe to say I am not going to be doing this for another year. I enjoyed the ambience and the many options on the menu. I don't know what a French national would think of La Creperie Cafe, but I had a lovely time.

La Creperie Cafe
4911 E 2nd St
Long Beach, CA 90803
(562) 434-8499


weezermonkey said...

Funny -- my friends got the vendome and carbonara when we went.

A French national would say that the texture of the crepes are subpar and the fillings untraditional.

Well, that's what my French national friend tells me. :)

azidea said...

I had a chance to try some true Brittany style crepes (galettes) while in Paris and the flavors/textures/filling combinations compared to American creperies are like night and day. Crepes in France seem well balanced. My favorite venue was Breizh Cafe but even other subpar places were still better than American venues.

Marie said...

Weezermonkey: What a coincidence! I had never heard of the place before. I feel very badly for French people living in the U.S. in terms of their homeland cuisine.

Azidea: I believe it! I can't wait to go straight to the source sometime in the near future and conduct many a taste test not just on crepes but the gazillion other authentic French stuff! And I need to go through your Europe posts on your blog!

SinoSoul said...

Walking by 3rd Street Prom, I always want to throw eggs at this place. So bad. So, so atrociously bad. Yes, we got conned once, but never again.

Marie said...

SinoSoul: Yikes. Sorry to hear...there is probably not a huge difference between the two locations, but admittedly you are a tougher critic than me!

Anonymous said...

This looks like a great place. I'll try it next time I'm in long beach! :-)

Marie said...

SouthBayRantsnRaves: Thanks! As you can probably tell from the comments, it won't be like you're in Paris. But, hey, when you've got a crepe craving, you must satisfy it, right? :)