Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sapp Coffee Shop (Take 2)

I usually drive straight home after work, but last week I indulged in a solo dinner at Sapp Coffee Shop, a spot I've written about before . This time, I ordered some different stuff.

Sapp Thai iced tea
Thai iced tea: The best I've had maybe ever. I think this was only $2, but came in a generous-sized mug! Gotta love that value.

Sapp duck noodle soup
Duck noodle soup: I added hot sauce and vinegared chiles, which upped the delicious level of the broth even further. I could've used a bit more duck meat, but it's so darn cheap, I can deal with it!

Sapp tasty sauce
I was given this tasty sauce, which was tart and spicy (could be pureed vinegared chiles?).

Sapp papaya salad
Papaya salad: I wasn't crazy about their version because it was salty without the zing of lime. And I need the zing!

Sapp Coffee Shop is quickly becoming one of my favorite places to stop and unwind for some Thai comfort food; they've got great noodle soups, very affordable prices (my meal was under $15) and an attentive staff. I was surprised that there was only one other table occupied during dinner time. Maybe I stopped in before the boat-noodles-demanding masses descended for the evening?

Sapp Coffee Shop
5183 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90027
(323) 665-1035
Cash only


Anjali said...

Yum, I could use some duck noodle soup right now.

It was good seeing you on Saturday. Let's eat together again soon!

weezermonkey said...

I love duck. I love noodles. I love soup. I must go.

Great seeing you and meeting the Mr.! I think Mr. Monkey was glad that there was a "normal" non-weirdo-food-blogger. ;)

Gastronomer said...

This scorching weather is beggin' for a Thai iced tea. I wish Sapp were located in the SGV ;-) Gimme!

Marie said...

Anjali: I can use duck noodle soup at any given time of day. Maybe our next meetup should be duck-centric! Good to see you, too. :)

Weezermonkey: Ha! So nice to see you guys again, we are pretty lucky we have understanding partners in crime!

Gastronomer: I know, maybe in my lifetime, I will see Starbucks carry Thai iced tea and coffee. Dare to dream!

TonyC said...

hmm.. sorry to make you eat again 2 weeks later...

Marie said...

TonyC: Are you kidding? I love Sapp! I had to distract myself from not going back the night after our boat noodles outing!