Friday, July 31, 2009

Breed Street

First of all, I totally missed my 1 year blog anniversary by almost a month (my "debut" was July 9th, 2008)! Although a belated announcement, I'm very pleased to have kept up with blogging for a full year. I've had a fantastic time along the way sharing my food experiences and meeting people both online and in person. Here's to another starchy year!

And now for Breed Street, a Mexican foodapalooza where I tucked a horchata under one arm, ate messily with the other and enjoyed this oh-so-LA (but in an East LA way, not like big sunglasses and spray tanned) meetup with Charles, our friend Seve and a bunch of fellow bloggers.

Breed St gordita
My gordita with the illustrious protein, chicharron (pork skin)! The man in charge made the tortillas by hand to order, which made them chewier, more substantial and noticeably higher in quality than what I'm used to (i.e. mainstream Mexican food). I ladled on some salsa and avocado sauce; loved the pickled red onions: vinegary and spicy (a stellar combo)!

Breed St quesadilla
Seve's FRIED quesadilla with chicharron. The same man in charge slid this treat into a vat of oil where it floated happily until it was ready for Seve to tear into it.

Breed St sope
Charles got a chicken sope. He is a big fan of sopes, I still haven't had one. By the way, all three items above were from Nina's. We had to wait a bit, but those folks have got their system down pat. It's worth the wait.

Breed St chicken necks
Seve and I split these fried chicken necks. Still dreaming of them. Sigh. I love the waste not want not mentality of eating necks.

Breed St hotdog
Both guys got bacon wrapped hot dogs. Here is Seve's before he demolished it. Sad to report that I was weak sauce and could not rally to try my first bacon wrapped. But, it's gonna happen, do not worry.

Breed St churro
Churros. I feel like I never really had them before Breed Street. A small bag of them for $2. Best money spent in a while! I wish the sweet (no pun intended) churro man could set up shop right outside my front door. These things will make you exclaim something loud.

Breed Street is a place where a sense of community makes it possible for so much delicious food to be brought to the public. The food is humble, most of it made to order and so unbelievably cheap. It can be a bit overwhelming in a dizzying way and if you're like me, you'll be disappointed in yourself for not powering through and making the rounds to all the vendors and their flavorful wares. But, it's a positive thing actually because as you drive home, you'll already be scheming for your next visit.

Thanks to my new pal Jocie for organizing this event!

Breed Street Food Fair
E. Cesar Chavez and Breed Street
Cash only (small bills are helpful and nice)


weezermonkey said...

Ooh, this looks awesome AND cheap!

Gastronomer said...

Breed Street made me love LA even MORE. Great seeing you there!

Cafe Pasadena said...

Congrats on getting through a year!
The Breed street food pics look unhealthy, but tasty.

Marie said...

Weezermonkey: Yes it was! My gordita and horchata was $3.50 (I think). Can't beat that with a stick!

Gastronomer: I know, it makes you feel more connected with your fellow people rather than our usual isolated car culture ways, no?

Cafe Pasadena: Why thank you! Breed Street is not weekly food, but damn it's good. :)