Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Memphis Pizza Cafe

I'm from a family that loves to eat. Many of my fondest memories are associated with really good meals (some homemade, some at restaurants), so it should come as no surprise that during our visit, we were perpetually dealing with food hangovers (we also drank but not as much as we ate!). I didn't snap photos of all the food we ate while Charles and I were in Memphis because it was a vacation and I was in maximum relaxation mode (plus my camera's memory could not hang with the amount of food we ate).

First up is Memphis Pizza Cafe, which holds a dear place in my heart. My sister and I usually eat here while I'm home; this was the first time I ate at the Overton Square location (there are a handful of locations scattered throughout the city).

MPC Greek salad
Greek salad. Love the tangy dressing and pepperoni + pepperoncini = love.

MPC Cajun chicken/BBQ chicken pizza
Half Cajun chicken, half BBQ chicken. I am not a pizza purist and I don't care. This stuff was damn good and made me happy.

Notable: Charles had his first sweet tea at this meal! I really liked their version, although our first glasses were pretty sugary (our refills were less wickedly sweet).

Just writing this post makes me want to book it back to Memphis immediately. More to come!

Memphis Pizza Cafe

2087 Madison Avenue
Memphis, TN 38104


weezermonkey said...

Damn it! I got all excited until I realized that this was in Memphis!

Mary P. from said...

Marie, I had my first sweet tea experience with you too! You love to spread the word of this fabulous drink - can't say I blame you.

Diana said...

Mmmm that bbq chicken pizza reminds me of the very inauthentic bbq pizza I crave from Gina's in Irvine. Thick crust, loaded with toppings and oh so delicious. :)

Marie said...

WeezerMonkey: Ha, sorry! :P

Mary: I am the messenger of sweet tea, it's true!

Diana: Irvine, oh my! I'll have to take your word for it. :)