Tuesday, June 23, 2009


The latest edition of Coffee'N'Cobb with my friend Mike involved neither items, but was still lovely! We met at Clementine, a small cheery restaurant with many a baked good as well as sandwiches, soups, salads and breakfast.

Clementine limeade
Mike's limeade: "weird, but I like it."

Clem chicken sandwich
Mike's chicken sandwich. For some reason, his bread was grilled and mine was not (yes, we ordered the same sandwich).

Clem combo
I got the combo, which included half a sandwich, a cup of soup (sweet corn chowder) and a cookie (peanut butter). Loved the watercress and the tangy remoulade in the sandwich, but the best part was the bread! I enjoy eating bread, but I don't go out of my mind for it, so it's remarkable that it struck a chord with me. The sweet corn chowder was rustic and with a good amount of potatoes.

Clem peanut butter cookie
The peanut butter element was on full blast here. Delish.

Clementine is a bit pricey for weekly visits (my combo was right under $10), but I am definitely going to return in the future as they've got so many delicious things to try. Thanks to Mike for picking Clementine!

1751 Ensley Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90024
(310) 552-1080


weezermonkey said...

That looks so fresh and delicious! I'm glad to hear it was good. At the Gold Standard event, I was only able to swipe a tiny hot chocolate from Clementine!

Mary P. from PGT said...

Those look very fresh indeed! It was 100 degrees here yesterday and humid! So I've been looking for cool food inspiration...

Gastronomer said...

So bizarre that both of your sandwiches weren't toasted! I woulda had a cow had my bread not been toasted ;-) A nice cow.

Marie said...

Weezermonkey: Ooh, hot chocolate! I must try their version sometime if the espresso drinks don't distract me first.

Mary: Nebraska's humidity is a faint memory to me. I need to visit soon to get reacquainted! :)

Cathy: Maybe if you get the combo, you get short shrift. :( Lucky for them, it was quite tasty!

Anonymous said...

I must add that the limeade was actually a ginger limeade. I didn't know what to expect out of that combination (hence the "weird"), but it was quite good!

Diana said...

I love Clementine! Their chicken salad sandwich is also really good, and so are their monster, everything but the kitchen sink, cookies.

Maybe your bread wasn't grilled because it was a half?

Marie said...

Shiftyeyeddogg: Ginger! It does sound refreshing, although wondering how much I'd dig it. Also, I don't think I could type your "virtual" username correctly after some drinks.

Diana: Ooh, I love a good chicken salad sandwich. I was also drawn to the nicoise salad, but I couldn't get it with my combo.