Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Golden State

The Golden State is like a neighborhood cafe that happens to serve beer; I wouldn't really call it a bar. When we first stopped by (a month or so ago), it was with hopes of finding a new spot to add into our weekend social rotation, so we were thrown by the atmosphere, which is more of a place to grab a low-key meal with a good friend than say, "dude, let's get buckwild!!!" I am down with both types of places, I'm just saying you should know what to expect. Recently, we returned for dinner:

Charles got the grilled chicken sandwich with sweet potato fries. No complaints here.

I got the burger, which was flavorful and filling: overall, a good showing. But, the slaw was excellent: so light and crunchy and not drowning in a pool of mayo. Plus, I haven't been eating vegetables much, so it was welcomed with even more enthusiasm than usual (I heart slaws a lot).

French fries with hazelnut romesco (I forgot it was described as such, so thought of it as red pepper dip when I was eating).

The owners apparently love ketchup, curry and label makers as much as I do! This stuff is not with a hint of curry, it's right in your face in a very addictive way. I alternated between dipping my fries in the curry ketchup, regular ketchup and the romesco.

Scoops raspberry triple sec gelato. This was my first taste of Scoops, a much acclaimed gelato shop in town. I was blown away by the complexity of flavors! This gelato was truly an eye-opener. I'm pretty sure The Golden State is the only place to carry their product outside headquarters. I plan on hauling ass to Scoops this weekend, end of story.

I'm hoping to become a regular here, especially with the summer's rapid approach (beer? gelato? forget about it!). The Golden State is a welcome and affordable addition to Fairfax Ave and I hope to see it prosper (looks like they're off to a good start as they were nearly packed on a Tues night)! Viva La Golden State!

The Golden State
426 N. Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036


Kung Food Panda said...

Have you been to Scoops??? If not, you've been missing out. You have to try the Brown Bread when you go :)

Passionate Eater said...

I love these types of beer serving cafes! And if the owners like ketchup and dipping sauces, I need to go, as those are my favorite things in the world!

Marie said...

PE: Two of my favorite things in life are soap (not to eat, but couldn't live without it) and ketchup! Hope you'll try The Golden State next time you're in LA!

Kung Food Panda: I haven't been to Scoops! Was planning on going today, but the logistics may be tricky. The Golden State carries the Brown Bread, so maybe I'll just go there (I think it was nearly empty in the case on this visit)!

Diana said...

This place is right in my neighborhood, but I haven't been yet. That slaw does look refreshing -- definitely something you can't get in a "let's go hog wild" type place! :)

Marie said...

Diana: We must live near each other! Perhaps we can meet up for a cold beer at the Golden State sometime once it gets super hot!

Diana said...

Sounds good to me! :) I wonder what a beer ice cream float would taste like...

Brooke said...

Wow. I'm impressed by how many places you've been to and written about in ONE WEEK. This place is around the corner from me and I still haven't gone. Must!!!And Sapps too. Must go ASAP.

Glad you got to go into Bar*Food. Hope you enjoyed it!

Marie said...

Brooke: I have been on a tear about trying new-to-me places since I was getting sick of my usual spots in rotation. Let's hope my momentum lasts! And we loved Bar*Food!