Wednesday, April 8, 2009

8oz Burger Bar

We had dinner at 8oz over the weekend, but this is the only photo I could salvage:

Let me describe my Melrose burger in detail as my photo is not much help: house blend beef patty, wild baby arugula, garlic roasted tomatoes and red onion marmalade. I added Bel Paese cheese (it was described to me as similar to provolone, I shrugged and said why not).

Very tasty, although I wasn't stuffed afterwards. I don't like unwieldy burgers, so I don't want these babies to be larger really. Maybe a salad or CHEESE CURDS (never had 'em, but have high hopes) would have been a good way to fill out the meal.

Charles and I split an order of fries, which were a pleasant surprise due to the amount of slightly crispy bits. I am extremely interested in trying a bloody mary on a future visit; maybe the smoky bacon one? A bacon stir-stick sounds worthy of investigation.

8oz Burger Bar
7661 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(323) 852-0008


Diana said...

I've never heard of Bel Paese cheese -- how did you like it? Burger looks delish!

Marie said...

Diana: To be honest, I don't really remember what it tasted like! I think because there wasn't that much on the burger. But, seeing as how I didn't notice it, it appears to be mild and not terrible. :) Thanks for stopping by!

TonyC said...

I just heard, thru the grapevine that the 8oz burger vastly improved since grand opening week (when I visited). maybe it's time to go back.

Marie said...

TonyC: Hit me up if you go back! I want to try their cheese curds and make my way through the cocktail menu.