Tuesday, September 23, 2008

4pm Lunch

Chili and chicken Caesar salad at Togo's.

I am not all that picky when it's 4pm by the time I get around to lunch. Togo's is a typical lunch spot, although I usually opt for the half sandwich (today, I could not "stomach" the idea of all that bread, Togo's bread is quite thick).

My lunch options are probably not that limited in comparison to other people's, but of course, we all get sick of the same old haunts. I keep thinking that if I read bento blogs, I will get my ass in gear, but that has not been the case so far. Most days, I like to leave the office and get some air, so I am not crazy about eating at my desk (although now, I am having flashbacks of last year's holiday season when I was determined to save money, which had good results, but it was painful blur of Lean Cuisines. Don't know if I'll do this again this year, but I do love small-term challenges).

Anyway, my question is: what do you eat for lunch during the work/school week? I love the minutiae of daily life, so please share!


KP said...

We rarely eat at restaraunts anymore. This economy has put a crimp in our dining habits. I cook. And usually what I make for dinner, morphs into lunch for the four of us the next day. We are saving over $1000.00 a month doing bento and packing instead of buying! Once you start collecting the cute little boxes, it becomes addictive!

Marie said...

I actually have a small bento box from a couple years ago when I was packing lunch here and there. Maybe I'll dig that out from my pantry as I had a particularly low lunch moment today with a very drab "szechuan" shrimp Lean Cuisine today. :P