Saturday, March 19, 2011

Adam WarRock - Mon, April 11th

You know those friends who you haven't talked to in five months, but you can call them out of the blue to discuss a major life decision and it's like no problem? My friend, Eugene, is one of those people for me. And he is finally coming to LA! Not to visit me, though, but to perform a series of shows as his lawyer-turned-rapper-about-all-things-comic-books-and-geek alter ego Adam WarRock. His LA show will be at Meltdown Comics (with comedian Baron Vaughn) on Monday, April 11th at 8pm.


Tickets can be purchased through the event link here. I will be having a glass of wine beforehand at Vintage Enoteca (practically next door) and would love to buy a drink for any of my readers/fellow bloggers/indie music supporters who will be attending the show. So, please comment or drop me a line at if you think you'll be there!

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