Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Paris Christmas: Part 2

I don't know how often the average French person eats escargot (or snails), but as Americans visiting France, you know we had to order some. I had tried escargot in the U.S., but they were a first for my family. On a cold night, we stopped in at a restaurant which I'm 99% sure was Grand Bar Cluny (sorry, I was foolish enough to think I'd be able to remember everything from our trip with laser accuracy) and lo and behold, escargot were on the menu. The snails arrived on table with special utensils to get them out of their shells (smart French people and their utensils); while an entire meal consisting of escargot would have been too much, my family and I enjoyed trying this well-known dish in real, live Paris.

paris escargot

The rest of the food didn't photograph well, but the picture of my smoked duck salad came out all right. The slightly bitter endive was a nice counterpart to the rich smoked duck; the salad felt very French (okay, through an American perspective) to me.

paris smoked duck salad

More Paris food to come, dear readers! Next up is the Asian food! Yes, you read that correctly.

Grand Bar Cluny
82 Boulevard Saint-Germain
75005 Paris


weezermonkey said...

I'm so thrilled to read more about Paris!

You will have to regale me with tales in person soon. :)

bagnatic said...

oh day you shall be mine. and i will be fisting some snails to boot.

Marie said...

Weezermonkey: Girl, yes! I have some hopeful dining plans I'm going to be contacting you about shortly. Hope you are feeling 100% better!

Bagnatic: It'll be fabulous when you go to Paris. The pastries, honey! :)