Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sweetsalt Food Shop

Sweetsalt Sign

Sweetsalt Food Shop is one of those places you keep your eye on for months, finally stop in and then kick yourself for not making it in when you first heard of it. Opened last January by husband and wife team Alex Eusebio (Top Chef contestant season 5) and Sara Mann, Sweetsalt is an adorable shop that serves sandwiches, salads, soup and baked goods with an unpretentious French flair. I stopped in on a weekend morning; while there is no breakfast menu, per se, many of the sandwiches work perfectly for starting off your day.

Sweetsalt Serrano ham & fig sandwich
Serrano ham & fig sandwich ($9): crusty bread, salty ham, sweet fig preserves and brie to bring it all together. I was incredibly happy while eating this sandwich and it's been a long time since I've had that blissful feeling. Swoon. The salad was fresh and had a slightly tangy dressing that seemed to be Dijon mustard based. I was stuffed from finishing the sandwich, but I ate as much of the salad as I could.

Sweetsalt Eggnog Macaron
Eggnog macaron ($1.50): I have started a slow courtship with macarons (I am unsure yet if I can't live without them or not), so I've been ordering them when they're around. Chewy and without an overwhelming eggnog flavor, their version was a light end to an indulgent breakfast.

I want to try so much more on their menu, such as: lavender duck sandwich (lavender as an ingredient intrigues me), Sweetsalt BLT (with pears!) and grapefruit truffle salad (pancetta, wild mushrooms, and a citrus-truffle vinaigrette warrant irresistible investigation). Add the fact that they have espresso and tea? You're going to see me eating and reading leisurely here through the winter, for sure.

You can read LA Weekly's Squid Ink interview with Alex Eusebio here.

Sweetsalt Food Shop
10218 1/2 Riverside Drive
Toluca Lake, CA 91602
(818) 509-7790


Esi said...

This place sounds really good. May have to break my "I don't go to the valley" rule and check it out

bagnatic said...

why do i read "sweatshop?"

the sandwich looks yummy!

Marie said...

Esi: Break it! Or keep it in mind the next time you have to go to Ikea or something. :P

Bagnatic: It was fantastic. I am going to be a regular, I can feel it!

BoLA said...

I'm with Esi.. may have to head into the Valley one of these days just to check this place out. :)

Marie said...

BoLA: Yes, you should! It's such a darling little shop. :)