Thursday, March 18, 2010


kaido 001

Mid-priced Japanese restaurants are grand, aren't they? One such place I've added to my mental black book is Kaido located in Santa Monica in (what else?) a small strip mall.

kaido 002
A girl's gotta unwind.

Kaido edamame
Complimentary edamame.

Kaido seafood bacon salad
Seafood bacon salad ($10): mixed greens, bacon, crab, scallops, shrimp, avocado, asparagus and tomatoes with a bit of the "house" dressing of Japanese restaurants past, present and, most likely, future.

Kaido stuffed tempura shiitake
Tempura shiitake stuffed with "crab" and spicy tuna ($9): I believe this crab was the fake stuff, which was surprising since the salad came with the real McCoy. A good idea in theory, or so I thought, but in reality, it didn't work.

kaido 012
Fried oysters with tonkatsu sauce ($7): loved the crispy exterior, but they lacked briny oyster essence. I know that fried versions usually don't have as much flavor as raw oysters, but there is usually some hint of the ocean. Not the case here.

Kaido eel and cucumber
Eel and cucumber roll ($7): I like rolls. I also like old school purist sushi. The two co-exist happily in my food hemisphere.

I was hiding out from rush hour this time, but I've also stopped by at lunch when they've got some great deals. If you're in the neighborhood, I recommend it as a lowkey spot for those times when you need to satisfy a craving, but don't feel like spending a ton.

2834 Santa Monica Boulevard
Santa Monica, CA 90404-2410
(310) 828-7582


bagnatic said...

i love low key spots that don't cost a ton. now you make me wanna eat raw fish...darn you.

Dennis K. said...

Hey those look all good!

Marie said...

Bagnatic: You'll have to let me know where you like to go for sushi! I am always gathering intel. :P

Dennis: Thanks!

bagnatic said...

haha, i like komasa cuz of the thick cuts at affordable prices :)