Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rhode Island Quahog Company

After seeing the shore in Newport, we stopped at Rhode Island Quahog Company for lunch (note: I believe the menu said quahog is pronounced "COE-hog"). Located near the wharf on Thames Street, this restaurant is probably not one for the locals, but I still enjoyed our meal.

providence 060
Mussels with julienned vegetables: not sure why that garnish was necessary, but these tasted pretty good. The size of the mussels were smaller than expected, though.

providence 057
Stuffed quahogs: my first time having these large clams. The meat was chopped up with the stuffing and baked into that hearty appetizer. And yes, the Family Guy town is the made-up town of Quahog, RI!

providence 061
Clams casino: not quite the preparation I was expecting because I thought breadcrumbs were a major component in this dish. Still tasty.

providence 059
Blackened salmon Caesar salad: not something I normally order but we were in the mood for a salad. Turned out surprisingly delicious, though there was a lot of dressing.

Though this place is probably not going to end up people's "must visit again" lists, it was a pleasant meal after a bit of time in the car and walking on the beach. I know some people have very strong feelings about eating in touristy parts of a town, but I didn't mind. After all, I was on vacation with my family, which is something that doesn't happen as often as I wish! And I'm pretty happy that I tried some quahog, which IS something I want to eat again on my next trip.

Rhode Island Quahog Company
250 Thames St.
Newport, RI 02840
(401) 848-2330


weezermonkey said...

COEhog? I never would've guessed.

I think the food looks pleasant enough.

yutjangsah said...

it all looks awesome.

Marie said...

Weezermonkey: I know, what a wacky pronunciation. I think it might vary slightly depending on what part of RI. Err, since it's such a huge state? :P

Yutjangsah: Thanks, lady! :)