Sunday, May 17, 2009


Twitter is an ever-evolving beast, isn't it? Although I first joined to stay in touch with friends, I now use Twitter for a whole lot more. Case in point: Bar*Food, a new bar in Brentwood, landed on my radar via Twitter and I am so glad Charles and I finally made our way over there on Friday. Hans took great care of us and we also got to meet the owner, Jason; they are super friendly and approachable, say hi if you stop in!

To drink, we both had the Mighty Arrow beer. Good stuff (sorry, should've paid more attention so I'd have more to recall than "enjoyable"). Hans was nice enough to give us a complimentary taste of Black Butte beer (now that I'm typing it out, I have to say it's an amusing name), which was very chocolatey and almost velvety (like Newcastle times 5). He gave us cute little glasses that were the size of gargantuan shots; maybe there is a name for these things?

To eat, we ordered: grilled cheese with tomato soup (sandwich was good, but I liked the soup even more), mussels with the garlic and white wine treatment (fine and a hearty portion), fries (they weren't mushy! nothing makes me happier than crispy fries), calamari (crunchy batter and a great spicy dipping sauce) and bread pudding (we enjoyed the dessert the most, very good). Sorry, no visuals. It was dim inside and my photos didn't turn out very well. Just use your imagination!

Full disclosure: this visit was unusual for me because I don't normally introduce myself or engage in a lot of personal conversation with a restaurant's owner/manager/or staff in general. I can't call this post a review since a) not anonymous at all during our meal and b) it was more social and like making new friends (we even got a beer comped, which drives that point home even more)!

I will say that I'm delighted to find a low-key bar with an affordable menu and good ambiance. Since one of my favorite things to do is have a beer and nibble on drinking snacks, Bar*Food will definitely be an establishment I will be frequenting.


12217 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 820-3274
On Twitter: @BarFood


Diana said...

I've heard such great things about Bar Food... I'm definitely going to be checking it out after work some night soon! (Especially if they are serving up a mean bread pudding!)

Marie said...

Diana: I wish I worked close by, I would totally go there for happy hour. Sadly I do not!